One of the largest financial commitments we make is for education—for ourselves, for our children, or even for our grandchildren. Today, the cost of a college education is growing at a faster rate than inflation. That poses special challenges.

To be sure, many options exist for education funding. But what makes the most sense for you? Savings bonds? Custodial accounts? Tax-advantaged opportunities?

At Crossbridge Financial Group, we strongly believe that your plans to fund education are best made in context with your overall financial plan. To treat education funding in isolation could have serious consequences. It could affect your tax situation, financial aid eligibility, long-term care planning, and even your estate.

We'll help you evaluate options for funding education while keeping the big picture in mind. That’s because we see college not as an expense, but as an investment in the future. For all of us.

One possibility is the SAGE (Savings And Growth for Education) program, “Tuition Rewards®”. SAGE Tuition Rewards® present guaranteed minimum scholarships—discounts on undergraduate tuition starting with the freshman year—provided by more than 340 colleges and universities in 46 states!

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