When it comes to retirement planning, you probably have numerous questions:

  • What's better for me: a lump-sum pension distribution or monthly annuity?
  • How can I deal with increasing health care costs and decreasing coverage?
  • Will inflation erode my financial resources?
  • How do I withdraw money from an IRA?
  • What happens if I change jobs?

Like many people, preparing for retirement is likely to be your top financial planning goal. We're living longer today than ever before, and most of us look forward to a long and active retirement. At the same time, the responsibility for providing a comfortable retirement is shifting from employers and the government to individual investors, a situation that provides both challenges and opportunities.

At Crossbridge Financial Group, we embrace two tenets when it comes to retirement planning:

  1. Planning ahead increases the chances of a comfortable retirement and
  2. Experience is a critically important tool. Simply put, we apply our years of experience to guide you through a process that increases your probability of success.

These days, retirement is a 30-year process—or perhaps longer. If there's one thing that we can guarantee you today, it's that conditions will change over the years. That's why we customize plans that are flexible enough to accommodate changes to your life circumstances and remain focused on your objectives.

If your goal is to reach a point where retirement is affordable and work is optional, we can help you pursue it.